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28 October 2008 @ 11:24 am

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If your dropping or your character has just been accepted comment with the following:
friend add ... (accepted)
friend remove ... (dropping)

Thank you.
28 October 2008 @ 11:23 am
Before you can apply you must first choose a fandom, whichever that might be.

Original Characters are allowed after having at least two character fandoms. The max number of characters are five as of now.

Thank You! Remember read the rules before applying!!

After your application is accepted you can go ahead an go pick your classes.

Mun Information~
[ Mun’s Name ] – [Name, Nickname, Whatever you wanna be called.]
[ Age ] – [Please keep in mind that we accept 14+ members only]
[ Live Journal Name ] – [Your personal one. Or one you wish to have listed.]
[ MSN/AIM/Yahoo ] – [For chats and logs on messenger]

Character Information~

[ Character’s Name ] – [Their name]
[ Series ] – [Series, If original please tell me.]
[ Character’s Lj username] – [Journal]
[ Sex:(Gay,bi,hetrosexual ] (Any reason?)
[ Relationships?]
[ Where did they come from? ](town)
[ Love Interests?]
[ Character Profile ] – [Brief description of your character that you think is most important (ie: personality, weapons,etc.)]

[ Appearance ] – [What they look like, what they wear, hair, eyes, etc.]
[ Personality ] – [A brief description of their personality canon and how you think they are.]

[ History ] – [Please be sure to refer to where you come from, how they were raised, and how they got to ba]
[ Other ? ] – [Mentioning what weapon they use, animals. etc. is good to place here]
(Pets are small)

Example Entries~
[ Livejournal Example ] – (This should be a first person post)

[ Roleplay Example ] – (This should be a third person post)
28 October 2008 @ 11:18 am
Final Fantasy V
o Bartz
o Lenna
o Faris
o Galuf
o Krile
o Dorgann
o Kelger
o Xezat
o Cid
o Mid
o King Tycoon
o Ghido
o Syldra
o Boko
o Koko

Final Fantasy VI
o Terra
o Locke
o Cyan
o Shadow
o Edgar
o Sabin
o Celes
o Strago
o Relm
o Setzer
o Mog
o Gau
o Gogo
o Umaro

Final Fantasy VII
o Cloud Strife
o Barret Wallace
o Aeris Gainsborough, msgainsborough |Played by: Raye|
o Red XIII
o Tifa Lockheart
o Cid Highwind
o Cait Sith
o Vincent Valentine
o Yuffie Kisagari, <lj user=NinjaNutterYuff? |Played by: Clamor| o Sephiroth o Jenova o Rufus Shinra o Reno o Rude o Tseng o Elena o Biggs o Wedge o Jessie o Hojo o Scarlet o Marlene Wallace o Elmyra o Zack Fair o Lucrecia Crescent o Genesis o Hollander o Angeal Hewley o Lazard Final Fantasy VIII o Squall Leonhart o Quistis Trepe o Zell Dincht o Selphie Tilmitt o Rinoa Heartilly o Irvine Kinneas o Seifer Almasy o Edea Kramer o Laguna Loire o Kiros Seagill o Ward Zabac o Ultimecia o Cid Kramer o Ellone o Fujin o Raijin o Raine Loire Final Fantasy IX o Zidane Tribal o Vivi Orunitia o Adelbert Steiner o Garnet til Alexandros XVII o Freya Crescent o Quina Quen o Eiko Carol o Amarant Coral o Kuja Final Fantasy X/X-2 o Tidus o Auron o Rikku o Wakka o Lulu o Yuna o Kimahri Ronso o Seymour o Brother o Paine o Shuyin o LeBlanc o Nooj o Baralai o Gippal o Lenne Final Fantasy XII o Vaan o Penelo o Balthier o Fran o Basch o Ashelia o Larsa
28 October 2008 @ 10:56 am
If there's a character that you would like to reserve, go ahead and do that here.

Please inclue:

Your name
Character name
Charater series

Final Fantasy VII

Yuffie - Clamor

Elena - Nathalie
28 October 2008 @ 10:54 am
1. No God-modding, nor metagaming. To make it a little easier I'll explain both of them.

-God-modding is when you control someone else character. This can be in any for, thinking, acting, or even plan on doing.

-Metagaming is when you take out of character knowledge and use it in character.

2. This rp is 14+ and I'm not going to check and see if everyone is the correct age they say. If you see something you can't handle I'm not responsible for it. So if you can't deal with lesbian, gay, and bi things I recommend you not join. If you can't stand to see a little blood (maybe from training room) I also recommend not joining.

3. Before doing something think about. You can't change the past after you have already done something and please don't kill someone else. Think about it!!! If you are thinking about it ask the mun and if its alright then go ahead as you please, but don't think that you can be restored later.

4. No ooc drama, please. If there are problems between the characters keep it there. Don't bring it to ooc and if there are any problems take it to the mods. But before thinking of the mods see if you can fix it between each other. Talk people.

5. Rp will take place in community and any messengers. If you rp in messages log it please. So at least we know that your active.

6. If anything is to long put it in a lj-cut (who, what, when, where, etc).

7. Update your journals at least once a week. It can say anything but make sure it is in first-person. When you rp make sure it is in third person.

8. There will be an active/in-active check at least once a month so make sure your active.

9. If you are going on hiatus please put it in the ooc community so everyone knows where you are. We don't want anyone hanging on an rp thread.

10. Make a journal for your characters, we don't want to use your personal journals.

11. An important rule, please speak english. Nothing like: nm, lol, wats up, btw...or !o!. That is not english, save it for chatting.

12. To show you read the rules, for the heading of your application put....The Flowergirl.
14 July 2008 @ 08:18 pm
Were thinking of a new event for next month.
Anyone wanna throw any ideas in?